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Do you have a blog? Do you want more good content, more contacts, more visitors and more money?

Let me introduce you a new concept of Online Marketing:

Sign up free, create a gig, offer your online-channel(s) and you’ll get requests – you are not forced to accept every request. This let you keep the full control over your publications, so your channel will not become a spam-machine! When you are getting too much requests without value (or too many requests at all), you just raise the price of your gig.

Users can set up messages in the Message-Board and apply to a certain gig. The application form is very flexible: they can write an optional message to advise the seller with some individual information, they can add as much messages as they want and they can buy the gig multiple times.
There is an after-buy cancellation system to protect the…

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Andy Warhol


Artrotter's Blog

 Parlare di Andy Warhol è richiamare alla memoria  i ritratti rielaborati di Marilyn o di Liz Taylor, o la Campbell’s  Soup,

Campbell's Soup Can Chic039

    Campbell’s Soup Can (Chicken With Rice),1962Vernice alla caseina e matita su lino,

                      cm 50,8 x 40,6, Courtesy The Brant Foundation, Greenwich, CT, USA    

soggetti popolari e comprensibili a chiunque.

Ma Warhol non è solo questo . E’ quello che ha meglio saputo rappresentare, moltiplicate tante volte , le icone del nostro tempo: artisti, politici, eventi ,così come le nostre ossessioni  paure

La mostra in corso al Palazzo Reale a Milano permette di seguire il percorso dell’artista da un punto di vista privilegiato e partecipe: quello di Peter Brant, collezionista delle opere di Warhol dal 1967, quando ancora non conosceva Andy personalmente, poi  diventato amico.

In esposizione la prima opera comprata da Brant: il disegno di lattine di minestra Campbell. 

Il percorso , cronologico, parte dalle prime opere grafiche, degli anni 50, per poi proseguire  con le riproduzioni seriali di elementi iconici dei primi anni ‘60 come la banconota da un dollaro

192 one dollar bills043

                        One Dollar Bills,1962Inchiostro serigrafico e pittura acrilica su tela,

                  cm 241,9x 188,6,  Courtesy The Brant Foundation, Greenwich, CT, USA

o le trenta volte di Monna Lisa,

30 are better than 1003

       Thirty are better than one,1963,Pittura polimerica e…

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Ten Simple Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Success

Social Media 4 Good


As a LinkedIn group manager, I have the daily opportunity to view profiles of nonprofit leaders from all over the world. Although I’m delighted to engage with so many social entrepreneurs using this platform, there are some unwritten best-practices about using LinkedIn that I’d like to share.

I am confident that they can help you grow your network and help spread the word about your organization’s important work more effectively.

Building upon my last #SM4GOOD post “How To Turn Strangers Into Colleagues Using Linkedin“, I want to share ten simple ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile for success.

Ten Simple Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Success:

  1. Use a professional, classy picture of yourself. LinkedIn is a professional network, not Facebook. Use a classy looking picture of yourself that helps build your brand as a leader. It is ok to use an image of yourself with your…

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Routine Screening Mammography: how Important is the Radiation-Risk Side of Benefit-Risk Equation?

The potential radiation hazards associated with routine screening mammography, in terms of breast cancer induction, are discussed in the context of the potential benefits. The very low energy X-rays used in screening mammography (26-30 kVp) are expected to be more hazardous, per unit dose, than high-energy X- or gamma-rays, such as those to which A-bomb survivors (from which radiation risk estimates are derived) were exposed.

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Can you hear me now? Cat-Tales Audio Books

Chris Dee's Cat-Tales Blog

Back when Cat-Tales started its original website, having a Flash splash screen was pretty spiff.  I recorded a few lines that seemed “Signature Catwoman” from Selina’s monologue in A Girl’s Gotta Protect Her Reputation and set it against some visual or other.  Ever since, I’ll get a request about twice a year to read complete tales as audio books – or at least “Please please please” some favorite bit, be it Selina’s stage show performace or the origin story Cattitude, the first person passages from String Theory, etc.  Everyone has their own favorites.

It was always an appealing idea but a little too daunting for me personally.  Then I met Caroline Sharp, a wonderfully talented actress who was not only a Cat-Tales reader, she had an instinctive feel for the fun and good humor that is the core of a proper Selina and the Cat-Tales universe generally.    (Seriously, if you…

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