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Empire Kred

You can now Promote Eaves Missions as well as Vees Missions. Previously you could only promote Vees Missions. A promoted Mission is displayed at the top of the Missions page always. Promoting a Mission is like running a Google Ad into the Search Results: More Views, more Completions, better Mission Results!

Promoted Missions work by buying “Promoted Mission slots” which are available in the Empire Avenue Shop. A single use of promoting a Mission is $5 and a pack of 5 Promoted Missions is $20. Please note that a Mission is “Promoted” for 12 hours or until the Mission runs out (which ever comes first). You can only Promote A/B graded Missions. Promoted Missions may be downgraded manually and they will stop being Promoted at that point, so please make sure you read the Missions rules and guidelines!

When you are creating Promoted Missions you can choose the…

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